Developing A Research Proposal

Developing A Research Proposal-34
The proposed research has to be highly relevant to the iwi, stakeholders and the funding agency.In a generic sense, if the proposal requires public funds, it will need to articulate how the findings of the research, or the research methods, are applicable and important to individuals, groups, communities outside the geographic study area or research topic.

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Your discussion with the academic staff in your proposed school will assist you to identify whether your research proposal will be an appropriate fit for RMIT's research strengths.Any potential collaborative research needs to consider whether the collaborators have the right mix of skills and capabilities to carry out the intended research, or whether other collaborating organisations or stakeholders should be involved.The groups need carefully to consider the research they wish to undertake, and also need the confidence and capacity to carry it out.If you are already in contact with potential supervisors they may read over early drafts and provide advice.Once a relationship is established with an iwi or hapu, further development of proposals to a certain degree is based on the trust and respect built by the collaborators.Collaborative research is more likely to succeed if human capacity is sufficient and adequate resources (Figure 1) are in place.Once the research topic has been determined, a framework for the research proposal is required to provide focus.Sometimes, especially in creative practice based research questions do not easily present themselves.Some research is ’iterative’: the researcher must test their assumptions through field work or creative project work before the questions come into focus.They should be discussed, formulated, and easily interpreted by both sides.Research capabilities then need to be related to key issues, and thought given to the expertise and skills needed to carry out research related to these issues.


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