Descriptive Essay About A Relaxing Place

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We decided to make our way to its decanter clear shore. Unruffled by wind or rain, it was vault still and restful.

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No sound rang out from the shimmering emptiness of space around it.

It was in teardrop-silver in colour and it was shaped like a perfectly flat disc of metal.

The thistles pricking my leg broke my train of thought. LEVEL 3: CREATIVE PARAGRAPHS The lake appeared as if by magic as we crested the ridge.

The scene was so glorious that I had a lightning bolt moment. It tasted like a sweet medicine, a potion for the spirit.

The heaven-leaking light added a golden tint to the face of the lake and it was paradise.

They were hoping to catch one of the squadron of flies that buzzed about.On impulse, I reached down and sipped from the stream.The taste was a mixture of rosewater and chalybeate that thrilled the tongue. It was a place with an eldritch beauty all of its own.At the bottom, smooth-edged stones glowed amber with a witchery uncommon to the modern world.I sat on a rock, admiring the glorious lustre of the water. I had an alleluia moment then and yearned for a time when the world was young. I can still see the rain-pearled grass in my mind’s eye. A startling eureka moment came unbidden, which involved the beauty of the natural world. The nipping midges didn’t take away from the pleasure of that day.Tolkein-esque ferns swayed beside a brook that spiralled down from a turf moor.The water had a peaty texture, but pools of molten gold lay naked in the light. Out on the lake, flopping trout were slapping the surface. The only sounds were the bumbling of bees and the heavy echo of a raven crawking.


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