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Other areas of the painting are smooth in order to provide rest to the eyes.Paintings Anton exist without color whether there is any color or none at all.There is depth in the painting that is created by shadowing and balance of lighter areas.

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The colors blended very well and contrasted making a very alive background that made you feel as if you were there in this big field and wind blowing in your face and he ocean being close off of the Classified.

Lastly one element that brings in the painting together is line which provides many things to help create peace, action, and variety.

In this painting we see more warm and complimentary colors.

The very limited analogous colors helped to created subtlety in the painting which played off the complimentary colors very well.

Some of the colors used most included : red, orange, blue, and purple, green, yellow.

The colors were also very natural and consistent with being realistic.

The composition of the painting was very unique and helps to rate an image that burns in your mind.

The shapes of the painting are not very structured.

This creates for an amazing painting that is pleasant to ones eye.

The painting contains numerous amounts of blurred lines.


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