Deforestation Case Study

Deforestation Case Study-83
The so-called Kalenjin tribe consists of many subgroups (i.e.

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L’article analyse le processus de déforestation dans la Forêt Mau (Kenya) et met l’accent sur les acteurs impliqués et les relations de pouvoir sous-jacentes.

Les causes directes de la déforestation sont trois : l'agriculture, la production de bois et les infrastructures.

The forest was declared a Crown Land in the 1930s, and then gazetted as a Forest Reserve twenty years later.

Mau Complex has been subjected to drastic deforestation since the colonial era and especially in the fifteen years before the promulgation of the Forest Act (2005).

Natural resources are part of the political struggle, being at the same time a means and an end in the relations of powers between the stakeholders.

The link between natural resources and political issues is crucial in many African States where “politically-mediated access to public resources has been a key mechanism for purchasing allegiance and maintaining support for African rulers” (Mwenda, Tangri, 2005, pp. From this perspective, the control over natural resources becomes a strategic element within the neopatrimonial dynamics that characterize African States (Bratton, van de Walle, 1994).Dans ce contexte de pression sur les ressources naturelles, les communautés locales ont développé différents projets visant à réduire la déforestation et à promouvoir des stratégies de développement alternatives, en particulier à travers l’action des Associations Communautaires de gestion de la Forêt (CFAs).Ces dynamiques montrent que la déforestation est une question complexe dont les solutions se situent principalement en dehors de la forêt et devraient être abordées à travers des politiques appropriées sur des questions cruciales telles que la terre, l'agriculture, les infrastructures et les peuples autochtones.Only mentioning omeotherm fauna, of 55 key species cited in the Birdlife International check-list (IBA KE051), 25 are included in a list of birds used by Bennun (1996) as an indicator of strong quality forest and we detected 16 of them by participatory survey only in Kiptunga (Eastern Mau) forest (Trivellini, Lindon, 2015).Some endemic species, as well as some threatened at regional level, occur.The climate conditions of the area adjacent to the forest have supported the development of the cultivation of tea, one of the main national agricultural products.Maasai Mara National Reserve and Lake Nakuru National Park, two famous tourist destinations, take advantage of the rivers that pass through them and that have their sources in the Mau Forest.Finally, Kenya generates more than 44% of its energy from water and around the Mau Complex several hydro-electric power stations are operational.2014), making the land suitable for small and spontaneous farming.Elgon) forests; they are currently estimated around 40,000 individuals in the whole country.Ogiek had strong and frequent relationships with the Maasai and the Kalenjin people, with whom they now share some linguistic traits.


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