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A definition essay works to provide the nitty-gritty details about a word or concept.For example, in an art class, you may be asked to write a definition essay on Vermillion (a vivid reddish-orange color) or Cubism, a specific approach to creating art.Cite the dictionary or textbook from which you took the definition at the end of the sentence if you are using in-text citations.

By definition, an abstract concept is one that is vast and complicated.

Examples of abstract concepts include liberty, ambition, love, hate, generosity, and pride.

Do you feel passion for the words and ideas in your essays?

While you may know your essay topic inside and out, your potential reader may not know all the verbiage or lingo.

Furthermore, the opening sentence "According to Webster's dictionary, the definition of [blank] is . The lengthy dictionary definition form doesn't work as well within the essay format.

If you define a word within the essay, it shouldn't be a disruptive part of the essay in length or wording.

A definition essay should always focus on a complex subject; simple subjects won’t provide enough details to adequately write an essay.

While the subject may change, the structure of an essay remains the same.

After that first reference, you can simply use the abbreviation.

By taking the step of correctly referencing any definition source used, you can avoid plagiarism in your essay text.


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