Definition Essay On Beauty

Although today might be considered the age of materialistic beauty every era each had its one definition of beauty and created products and accessories to adorn themselves with.

Every age is impacted by the idealistic concept of beauty.

The green eye powder they sued was to represent fertility and hopes of the higher power would grant them an abundance of children and the dark gray kohl eyes was used to ward off the evil spirits.

Egyptians also adorned themselves with jewels to appear more social superior and wore wigs to appear eternally youthful.

In Egyptian hieroglyphs there are images that represent women’s beauty and the makeup they applied.

Egyptians valued cleanliness and used oils and creams to create a flawless clean complexion and used valuable perfumes to cover up their natural odors.

Instead, the beauty they possessed was defined in their fertility, and their laborious work they endured.

In ancient Egypt during the appearance of the first civilizations, spirituality was very important within the society and women’s physical appearance reflected on the Gods and their future afterlife.

What can be better than going for a more exotic appeal to add to your own beauty?

The old ad doesn’t have a setting; it is merely a blank white wall in the background.


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