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A certified copy has the legal validity of the original document.The Davison County Register of Deeds can provide certified or uncertified copies of documents recorded in the County since the late 1800’s.The customer needs to provide specific information to be able to find the document such as book and page number.

Under Bankruptcy Act of 1898, such assignment was an “act of bankruptcy” if made within four (4) months of bankruptcy.

Black’s Law Dictionary Definition for Voluntary assignment – An assignment made for the benefit of his creditors made by a debtor voluntarily, as distinguished from a compulsory assignment which takes place by operation of law in proceedings in bankruptcy.

For every time that a property is to be sold before a title deed is issued, a deed of assignment will be needed.

If you have lost or misplaced your original deed (or other legal document which has been recorded), you can obtain a certified copy from the Register of Deeds where the original document was recorded.

The cost, by law, for an uncertified document is $1.00 per page and for a certified copy the fee is $5.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each page thereafter no matter what format the document may be transmitted to you in.

(fax, electronic, paper or microfilm) In some instances there may be a search fee imposed. Once we have received the fee required by law for the documents, we can scan-email, mail or fax the documents.Copies of documents pertaining to the ownership of real estate located in Davison County are available from this office as well as copies of mortgages, assignment of mortgages, contract for deeds, easements etc.Certified copies can only be obtained from this office, in person or by mail.There are various situations in which a deed of assignment may be needed, though the most common occurs in the transfer of ownership in regards to property.An example may be when a developer of a new home signs a deed of assignment to a purchaser, stating that the property will be his/hers on such a given date.The deed of assignment can generally be defined as a document which is drafted to guarantee or promise that the transfer of ownership of a property will commence on a particularly defined date.The deed of assignment, in other words, is a document that is evidence of a transfer of ownership, with the stipulation that there is a certain time period in which actual ownership is to commence.In my own areas of work, a deed of assignment is usually used to transfer intellectual property rights (eg copyright, trade marks, patents) from one person to another.So, yes: a deed of assignment could be important in proving ownership of property ("chain of title") in legal proceedings.Some older documents and plats do not fax clearly depending on your receiving device and the quality of the document being faxed.We can take credit cards over the phone, but there will be a .50 convenience fee assessed up to .00.


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