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Writing can be used as a tool to evaluate a student’s ability to develop coherent arguments.Poor writing skills among students isn’t a new phenomenon, however.A useful technique for students is to break down their problem into smaller parts.

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We will practice recognizing and defining objectives to be achieved in a problem solving/decision making situation, and how to avoid the common trap of defining a problem in terms of a preferred solution (e.g., "the problem is deciding whether or not to expand to Europe").

We will consider how well- or ill-defined the problem(s) is, and how to deal with multiple, even competing objectives, often held by different individuals.

Here are 8 ways how essay writing can enhance your students’ critical thinking skills: When writing essays, students have to evaluate the reliability of the information that they have. Does it serve someone’s interests, and is there a reason to assume that it could biased?

Evaluating different sources of information is important when presenting arguments.

There is a difference between backing up your arguments with facts and opinions. Decision-making is a crucial part of critical thinking.

Students will learn that facts are truths that can be proven, whereas opinions are only based on personal experiences, feelings, and beliefs that have not been tested. It concerns how we make the most optimal choice between different alternatives.

When formulating their own thoughts in their essays, students will have to evaluate existing arguments.

Can they find flaws in them, and is there a way to improve them?

[See the module on Objectives & Goals for more details.] The quality of decision-making is also improved by pushing yourself to develop a broader, richer, more divergent range of alternatives than might otherwise be considered.

Frequently, the quality of a decision is directly related to the range of alternatives that are identified. This includes identifying or at least inferring decision criteria from the objectives and factors that were part of the framing of the problem.


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