Death Of A Salesman Research Paper

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The principle of self made man, and though being helpful before, failed as capitalist would attain the American dream more easily than using the former strategy.

The growing capitalism taking over in the business world forced Willy out of the sales job, because it came with better ways of producing and distributing goods, for much more profit that Willy could not keep up with.

Now that you have a few topics to work with, you can address all of these or focus your essay on one topic.

Focusing on all or many topics gives you the freedom to move from one to another.

However in the past, as the transition from old ways were been replaced by the modern methods of conducting businesses, Willy as one of the American people who held on to the former faith of individualism, as an early frontier ethic in business had the several opportunities of his former success, but he could no longer manage to compete in the climate of the business that was favored by capitalism. However the means to achieve the desire varies in different personalities.

For some, even if it takes illegal means, it does not matter as long as the end goal is achieved.

The play, , is one of the most famous American Tragedies written in the past Century.

In your research paper on Death of a Salesman, you will want to note that sociological factors influence the character's motivations.

Others prefer honesty and integrity as a moral character and value.

This was what directed the history of America towards certain individuals’ success before capitalism in early 19th Century, as illustrated by the stories told, for whatever it took to become successful (Cullen 60).


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