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By deliberately causing harm to another, an ethical duty is avoided.Thus, this cannot be an appropriate course of action.At its extreme, flaming could represent a stifling of democratic process formation in online groups.

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However, it has also provoked new ethical dilemmas that must be addressed.

It sometimes becomes too simple to use the Internet for unethical means, even in situations where in what we term "real life" we would not make such a decision.

First, rather than being a concentrated campaign like bullying, flaming is almost always spontaneous activity born from anger and frustration (Johnson, Cooper and Chin 660).

Although of course anger and frustration are not limited to online communications, the networked communication environment increases the likelihood that these feelings will be expressed (Johnson, Cooper and Chin, The effect of flaming on computer-mediated negotiations 434).

All of these activities could of course be engaged in without using the Internet, but the high information availability and low social context of the Internet allows for these issues to become increasingly common.

This seems like bad news, but actually, the answer is relatively simple.

Specifically, Prince was subjected to bullying on Facebook, through vicious personal attacks levied by other students regarding boys she had previously dated (Walsh).

On January 14, 2010, Prince committed suicide, specifically citing the bullying she had endured online as a reason for her action (Walsh).

The Internet is a fundamental element of our lives today.

Using the Internet, we can engage in multiple day-to-day activities, such as paying bills, shopping, communicating with friends, or even attending classes!


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