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Here is the tutorial for how to Make Sticky Bar in Word Press Thesis Theme.In this sticky bar, it will have blog name, facebook like, google button,…Things you will need to perform this tutorial: You will need to have Word Press, Thesis, and Next-Gen Gallery (NGG) installed before proceeding. First you will want to determine the size of your image, or header. You will need this for both creating the image and for settings inside of Next-Gen.

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In our example we created 5 different images to use.

We used smart naming conventions to make sure we can tell these images from others just by their names.

We titled our images: Now that the images are prepared its time to prepare the logo/type.

We should have our logo/typesetting in place from our previous step of getting our images sized and positioned.

Couple that with another variable like a new version of Word Press, and you basically have mass confusion and an overwhelming sense of custom images — thereby futureproofing your site against inevitable upgrades!

Below, you’ll find the theory behind Thesis’ simple customization system and a technical explanation of how to pull it off on your own, but let’s be honest here—why reinvent the wheel? Never touch the original stylesheet again — it’s just not the most secure, most efficient method of operation!

This functionality allows you the ability to have your banner image change how you like it beneath your logo at the top of your website.

If you would like a variety of images in your header beneath the logo/type and manage them in a central location.

You may want to import your logo, or typeset your text now, to position it on top of all the images so that you can determine the static position that the logo/type will present itself.

Once we have all the layers in the proper positioned its time to save out all your files.


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