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Similar to Californian counties, votes in Utah have also leaned towards the Democratic side.

Readers (including your professor) will respect you, which—in turn—will separate you from all of the students who just regurgitate "news" into the form of an essay.

Asking and answering your own questions within the essay is another way to actively engage readers.

Democrats are defying the odds in this election, gaining the superior standing in counties that would normally identify as republican communities.

"In California’s traditionally Republican Orange County, Democrats picked up three congressional seats, meaning the entire county will be represented by Democrats in Congress” (Blaine and Agiesta, 2018).

While the Senate has been taken by the Republicans, the House of Representatives gives the Democrats an opportunity for representation that has been absent for years.

"Now that Democrats have won the House, Republicans will no longer be able to pass legislation with GOP votes alone – instead, to get any bills through Congress, Trump will have to spar with Democrats.

This scandal has also created a dilemma within the ranks of major league sports; are those who used performance enhancing drugs and now hold records to keep their records.

There are many who believe that the current records for most homeruns, and others won by those accused of doping should either be removed, or have an asterisk next to it to indicate that the record was not won in a fair and legal manner.

It's common knowledge that inexperienced leaders are more likely to do or say irresponsible things that can lead to international conflicts.

Elaborating in great detail on specifically what you believe that Jong-un has already done wrong will prove that you're dedicated to the topic and lend more credibility to your stances.


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