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In the second season of the Genshiken anime, near the end of episode 2 you can see 2 stacks of doujin on a table.The one on the right features Asuka and Rei in bikinis on the cover and Asuka is holding a beach ball that looks like Leliel.

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Also in the second half of episode 8, a giant transvestite performs a rush and somersault mimicking Eva-01 in Episode 02 against Sachiel.

Carnival Phantasm is a 12 episode OVA that consist of parodies of popular Type-Moon characters from series like Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night.

The text is the episode list of the Evangelion TV Series.

In the second half of episode 8 of Burn Up Excess, the follow-up TV series, Rio Kinezono and Lilica Ebett perform a synchronized somersault and double kick like Eva-01 and Eva-02 do in Episode 08.

(See Deranged's walkthrough on Gamefaqs.) Dendoh's episode 18 is another, less inventive medley of Evangelion spoofs.

Gulfer emperor's pet, Ragoh, has infected Dendoh's Data Weapons with a deadly computer virus, which is now slowly taking over their bodies.

When the Gulfer aliens use a swarm of tiny machine beasts to sap all electricity from Earth's power plants, GEAR HQ must devise an alternate way to recharge their battery-powered giant robot.

Their ingenious solution is to harness together a huge number of small stand-alone power sources, including gasoline-powered generators, car and motorcycle engines, bicycle dynamos and even batteries from household appliances and children's toys.

In episode 4, during a scene in a theatre, several characters from Evangelion are clearly depicted sitting in the theatre.

Gear Fighter Dendoh is a lesser-known mecha series by the Gundam SEED director Mitsuo Fukuda.


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