Critical Thinking Tips

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In the past, the emphasis in classrooms has been on imparting information and content — the times tables or the capitals of the United States, for example.

In this article you will learn: Let’s start at the beginning… Nosich: There are three major earmarks of critical thinking: One it’s reflective. What that means is that when I have a decision to make, I’m not just thinking about my decision, I’m also thinking about Notice I’m not just thinking about the decision I have to make, but I’m also reflecting on how I’m going about making the decision, that is I’m reflecting on my thinking about the decision.

Now reflectiveness is a major part of critical thinking, but reflective all by itself does not make something “critical thinking”.

And the third one, which is related to the other two, is that critical thinking by and large needs to be explicit.

By that I mean, it’s not just making assumptions, because we’re always making assumptions, accurate or inaccurate, it’s that I need to explicitly focus on what assumptions am I making and what questions should I be asking?


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