Critical Thinking Strategies For Reading Comprehension

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Review reading material together and ask questions that help make connections and see analogies.

Rather than simply asking, “What was the story about?

​​Research provides evidence for the ways comprehension is embedded into daily literacy lessons.

Firstly, a supportive classroom context to promote comprehension must be developed. 207-208) recommend teachers: Multiple copies of literary texts promote opportunities for students to talk about texts with each other.

Making inferences, identifying the big picture or moral of a story, distinguishing opinions from facts, or finding biases are also skills very difficult – if not impossible – for the reader with poor reading comprehension skills.

One of the goals of reading is to make new connections to our life and world.Reading comprehension involves the ability to not only read the lines but also the abstract step of “reading between the lines.” However, the next crucial step involves higher order thinking that takes reading between the lines one step farther. Higher-order thinking skills enable students to do this and find the real value in the information they are reading.Students with poor reading comprehension skills lack adequate ability to truly understand the many facets of what they are reading.Ask how a situation in the story or text could affect other characters.This will help students develop empathy and understand different viewpoints as well as consequences.Therefore, the strategies that are taught in the early years of education should be practised, consolidated and expanded on throughout a student’s schooling.Depending on the researcher or author, there are a range of strategies recommended to assist comprehension (For example see: ​​Many commercial products provide large amounts of blackline photocopy material for the various comprehension strategies.Help students think beyond the story by asking what could have been done differently for a better outcome.This invites creative thinking and problem solving – skills essential in a competitive market place.When children first learn to read, much of their effort is focused on decoding and pronouncing each word correctly.While this kind of phonetic interpretation is essential, in order to become proficient readers students have to be able to understand the meaning of what they read.


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