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Some ways to tie creating instruments into your curriculum include: measurement (capacity and length), sound waves, vibration, descriptive writing, process writing (what were the steps you needed to make that sound?), comparing and contrasting, and cultures of the world (what instruments are common in different countries/cultures? I hope some of these ideas will encourage you to use hands-on projects while building up those critical thinking skills.

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So, here are hands-on projects that might link with curriculum topics you are already working on, making that time extra well spent.

Take plain frosting, pudding, or yogurt and flavors to find the difference.

Once students are used to one flavor, try mixing two flavors.

They love to talk about how the big pot makes a much different sound than that tiny pot, and how the metal pots make a better sound than the plastic posts.

By letting students create sounds, using household items (pots and pans, boxes, wood spoons, cups with water, etc.) they spend a lot of time listening for what sound is being made and then comparing and contrasting those sounds with other sounds, and then figuring out why these two sounds are similar and those two aren’t.


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