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Critical Thinking distinguishes itself from other texts in the field by emphasizing analytical reading as an essential skill.It also provides detailed coverage of argument analysis, diagnostic arguments, diagnostic patterns, and fallacies.

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I'm taking Phil 7 - Intro to Critical Thinking, and this class is seriously the worst class ever.

The material isn't too difficult, but the professor makes everything about this class bad. The material is not presented in a useful manner, the prof. It is hard to use the reading effectively to grasp it due to the similarities of the prof's teaching and the text.

In recent years he has written articles on argument and understanding, the deductive ideal, justification and discovery, the normativity of the notions of function and goal, and the relation between reasoning and explaining.

He is currently working on a manuscript tracing the roots of the concept of a reason in agency.

This class is so difficult that sometimes not even the Professor gets it; even though he wrote the book. No midterm, optional final, but quizzes every week. Just read and make sure you go to lecture because you will understand the material more. Wright can be dull but since he wrote the book his lectures never stray away from the reading.

It has nothing to do with philosophy, it has nothing to do with anything. I managed a good grade in this class but only by reading weekly and attending TA office hours. Read everything carefully, do the online quizes, do the homework go to class and stay awake and you'll be ok. Don't take it lightly Larry Wright literally wrote the book on critical thinking.

The author demonstrates how many common argument types—from correlations to sampling—can be analyzed using this articulated form.

Ideal for introductory courses in critical thinking, critical reasoning, informal logic, and inductive reasoning, Critical Thinking, Second Edition, features hundreds of exercises throughout and includes worked-out solutions and additional exercises (without solutions) at the end of each chapter. THE BARE-BONES PARAPHRASE The Concept of Paraphrase Reading and Paraphrase Technique and Vocabulary Human Understanding Subtler Issues Two Principles of Paraphrasing Things to Keep in Mind 2.

The author demonstrates how many common argument types--from correlations to sampling--can be analyzed using this articulated form.

He then extends the model to deal with several predictive and normative arguments and to display the value of the fallacy vocabulary.


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