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Setting The study was conducted at faculty of nursing, Modern University for Technology & Information (MTI) in Egypt.

Nursing students (N=120) of baccalaureate program who were enrolled at the academic year 2015-2016.

If he's really shy and[br]rarely goes to parties, then it's probable that he[br]won't be at tonight's party.

Similarly, the third reason[br]also gives you a good reason to believe that[br]Monty won't be at the party.

Conclusion: There was an evidence of positive correlation between learning approaches and critical thinking among Baccalaureate Nursing Students.

Recommendations: Nurse educators must understand and integrate students' learning approaches into nursing curricula to promote critical thinking and satisfying learning experiences.Specific Objectives: Control group: to implement educational intervention focusing on first aid for developing critical thinking (CT) skills and disposition, through the Problem Based Learning (PBL), not based on the Active Learning Model for Critical Thinking (MEAPC).Control Group: An educational intervention focusing on first aid for the development of skills and dispositions of critical thinking.Thus, the research question to be answered is: Students undergo an educational intervention focused on first aid care based on the Problem Based Learning (PBL) and guided by Active Teaching Model for Critical Thinking (MEAPC), have better results for PC skills and provisions compared to students learning the same content from PBL without MEAPC?* STUDY OBJECTIVES General Purpose: Create, implement and evaluate an educational intervention for nursing students focusing on first aid, to develop skills and PC provisions, based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) and guided by Active Teaching Model for Critical Thinking (MEAPC) . Considering the need for an intervention in the context of the Brazilian nursing education, in order to develop the skills and dispositions for critical thinking (CT), this study aims to fill this gap through a first aid course, comparing a group control and an experimental group.In Brazil there are few studies produced about Critical Thinking (CT), and the field of Brazilian nursing are unknown type of intervention research to assess / provisions initially measure and skills development / PC skills.If he's in Beijing, and[br]it's impossible to get here from Beijing in an afternoon,[br]then it's guaranteed that he won't be at the party.And when you notice things like that, when you distinguish between good and bad reasons for believing something, you're exercising your[br]critical thinking skills.Health care professionals are challenged by the complexities of the health care environment.The practice of nursing requires critical thinking and clinical reasoning to define a client's problem, examine the evidence-based practice in caring for the client, and make choices in the delivery of care.


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