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Most faculty will agree that critical thinking is important, but we lack consensus on what we're talking about when we refer to it.What does critical thinking look like in your discipline? What set of critical thinking skills are you attempting to help students develop? Determine whether the bulk of the course will focus on critical thinking outcomes or whether they are just one part of the course’s focus.

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The various electronic media options expedite this kind of exchange.

Assignments carefully designed to accomplish specific goals, like the development of critical-thinking abilities, take time and effort to create. This article illustrates the valuable contribution made by this kind of scholarship.

To learn the difference between relevant and irrelevant facts, students come to class with two double-spaced copies of a paper due that day.

Before submitting the paper, they are instructed to go through it and identify each statement as one of the four described in the paragraph above.

Critical thinking skills are important components of learning in nearly every discipline.

College students expect to hone these skills so theyre ready for the workforce or graduate school.

If you feel that they are a primary focus of the course, you may find the literature on “essential questions” valuable in organizing your course.3.

Select assignments and in-class activities that are designed to sequentially develop the skills you have selected in #1 above.

79-83 (Introducing Basic Protocols of Critical Thinking)Becoming a Critical Thinker (V R Ruggiero) Many exercises.

Teaching students to think critically has long been a goal of education.


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