Critical Reading Assignment

The study gives positive evidence that the legislation in Scotland is making steps in the right direction in relation to their primary goal being reducing exposure of secondhand smoke to children. The purpose of the article is to explore the view on smoking restriction laws in outdoor settings, in an attempt to benefit the health of youth and the general public, and reduce impact on the environment. Academic credibility Write sentences about the quality of the research on which the article is based.In the long term, this should decrease even more if the legislation is to stay in place. At the frontier of tobacco control: A brief review of public attitudes toward outdoor places. The article shows use of reliable articles from reputable journals such as The Medical Journal of Australia, and New Zealand Medical Journal, as well as government databases including California Department of Health Services.

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Critical reading often involves asking questions about the reading.

In particular, you are examining the strengths and weaknesses of the reading's argument.

Try, for example, a PESTLE analysis, which examines the political, economic, sociological, technological, legal, and environmental perspectives and implications.

If the reading disagrees with something from other readings, your textbook, or the lecturer, it may be incorrect.

If the reading is based on any kind of research (e.g.

a survey, an experiment, a case study) it is important to consider how the research was conducted, as this can affect the validity of the findings reported. This is not asking whether the research is false, but whether it is possible to test its validity.Task A: Reading Logs Article 1: Changes in child exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (CHETS) study after implementation of legislation in Scotland: national cross sectional survey. Reference Give the complete end text reference for the article in a standard referencing format. The references are deemed to be more from articles and reports, and rely less on internet sources. In sentences and in your own words, write down the argument or main purpose.Information derived from the published or unpublished work of others has been acknowledged in the text and a list of references is given. Majority of the resources cited are from within 10 years ago, classifying them as academically credible.I warrant that any disks computer files submitted as part of this assignment have been checked for viruses and reported clean. Changes in child exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (CHETS) study after implementation of legislation in Scotland: National cross sectional survey. Many of the references from a variety of locations including World Health Organisation, and many are refereed journal articles from journals such as British Medical Journal and American Journal of Public Health.(Discussion) With the limited amount of information that could be found, it was discovered that majority of the public supports the idea of increasing restrictions of smoking in outdoor areas, especially those of which accommodate for children.Since there is such a large population of supporters, there seems no reason for government to not take the opportunity to create a healthier outdoor environment for youth and the general public through the course of policy making.Abstract Introduction Methods Results Choose one section of the article that is most relevant to the purpose.In your own words think of a full grammatical sentence for each paragraph of the section.If it is impossible to prove a claim wrong, it is also impossible to prove a claim right; the claim is instead a matter of faith.Readings are often written from one perspective; what other ways can you look at this topic?


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