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By analyzing this poem, be sure to include the following: The poem consists of twenty lines and a formal rhyme scheme.

It is written in the first person, and the first line describes an image of two roads diverging in a yellow wood.

Nominated for various cinematography awards, and winner of the Pulitzer Award, The Road is a profoundly shocking in-depth way at looking at the flailing annihilation of the human civilization.

The Road is a post-apocalyptic story of a journey taken by a father, the man, and his young son, the boy, “each the other’s world entire” (Mc Carthy, p. The man and boy, sustained by love, travel through bleak and grim America some years after an immense unexplained cataclysm destroyed nearly all humanity, and environment. Looking at these effects, it is obvious that they revolve around how the intestate demise of the world affected humanity.

It’s easy to treat the spaces around these highways as empty.

On those trips with my dad, cutting along the highway through Pennsylvania, Virginia, Alabama, and Louisiana, I would look out the window to see towns motionless and empty.Conway is an aging antiques delivery driver making one last drop both for the antiques store and himself.When he steps out of his truck, however, he steps into a rural Kentucky that operates more like a magical realist play.On the other hand, one may choose the road less traveled, the one that is grassy and wants wear, and become a wandering poet.The longest drives of my life were the ones I took with my dad from our home in northern Vermont to my college in Houston, Texas.The land is covered in ash, is extremely dark, and cold with recurrent rain, gray snow, and earthquakes. The journey the man and the boy traveled through depressing America in truth unlocks the reality of a Judgment Day.Throughout the novel the boy calls the man “Papa,” and they both refer to themselves as the “good guys” who carry the fire; “the “bad guys” being other human survivors who have turned cannibalistic. All of us come from unpredictable societies, and unfortunately we poison all we come in contact with, and simply don’t care when it comes to our environment. They are gone and I am left and they have taken with them the world.The sheer size of the country and the length of its roads meant time.Time to square away in your head—like astronauts passing through an alien space—to sort things and work through philosophical dialectics.There could have been any easier way to get me there—maybe faster, maybe cheaper—but Dad had been a long-haul trucker before I was born, and there was something about the trance of the highway that hung in his blood, that made him go to it at any moment he could. There’s a mythology that surrounds the American road trip—this way to grapple with the sheer space of crossing those distances in the United States.When Jack Kerouac wrote , the space in America was a meditative one.


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