Critical Essay On The Notebook

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A girl and a boy on the opposite sides of the social spectrum ending up together at the end.

He did an amazing job capturing the incredible story Sparks created and putting it on screen for everyone to see.

Cassavetes also directed the movie , and if you have you scene it you know it is a every emotional film.

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The film creates the perfect romance scene for the two to fall in love.

What makes this story so amazing is that it goes back and forth from when they fell in love to later in their life.The chemistry of Mc Adams Gosling on screen is beautiful.He knows how to get those romantic scenes and the emotions with them on screen.But is the search for these things takes a lot of time? However, do not repeat the mistakes of some customers abstain from submitting these samples as your own papers.Plagiarism is a serious violation and can have severe consequences.One of the most professional writers in the country will compose an outstanding paper that will impress your teacher.We gathered an amazing team, highly professional writers and custom care managers who work around the clock to assist our clients.does the opposite of that, through the beautiful storyline this film becomes something memorable.This is thanks to the author of the book Nicholas Sparks, he truly knows how to write a good love story writing other romance stories like “A Walk to Remember”, “Dear John”, “Safe Haven”, and “The Lucky One”.Thats what makes this story a relatable experience, it allows people to compare it to their own lives but also provides an escape which is one of the great things about movies and in my personal opinion for romance films this is one of the best escape movies. He decided to take Sparks piece of art and turn it into a movie, which has been done many times before as I mentioned with previous Spark books.However with this film, Cassavetes really did seal the deal when creating this movie to make it one of the best romance films out there.


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