Critical Essay On Antony And Cleopatra

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Here we can see clearly that Aeneas was reluctantly forced into this war, not necessarily by the Latins but rather by the fates.

It is possible that Virgil wished to communicate his own opinions on war to his audience in a subtle and stylistic manner by using Aeneas as his mouthpiece.

The action also captures a lot of diversity taking place both on the land as well as at the sea.

The characters in the play exist in all time frames; future, present and past the way they are and the way they are imagined to be.

Aeneas recounts the fall of Troy whilst in the company of Dido in book two of the Aeneid' and explains how the Greeks managed to sack Troy and how Aeneas and his men managed to escape to safety.

Aeneas describes many horrific deaths in this flashback such as that of Priam's son, Polites in which we hear that "he finally appeared before his parents' eyes and fell before their faces and poured out his life with much of his blood" .By endowing Aeneas with all of the recognised Roman qualities, a Roman audience would have identified Aeneas as a man of wholesome character to be admired.In book eleven, Virgil stresses the protagonist's views on unnecessary violence when Latin envoys are sent to Aeneas to beg for a truce so they may collect their dead to which Aeneas replies "I would wish for those that were killed to have left this battle alive and I would wish not to have come here, if the fates had not given me this place and this home. It was the King who abandoned our friendship and trusted more in the weapons of Turnus" .The action in the play crosses over the world from Rome to Egypt, a concept that is not common due to the East-West divide that has been created by the differences between the regions, for instance, in terms of culture among other issues.The action is full of both intimate and epic episodes.A fair chunk of Virgil's Aeneid' is set on the battle field but its violent and gory descriptions of death and its frequent battles alone cannot make this poem an anti-war poem.Virgil does not merely use the notion of war to further his plot but deals with many types and aspects of war throughout the entirety of his book; mythological wars; recent wars; their effects; their causes; and often one is able to find Virgil's own opinion on such a matter, subtly incorporated into the thick of things.It was written at the beginning of the 17 The play gives an interesting story of the relationship between Antony Mark and Cleopatra all along from the time when the Parthian War occurred to when Cleopatra finally contemplated suicide (Bloom and Heims 12).This piece of work gives a critical analysis of the play, with much emphasis given to the relationship between Antony and Cleopatra.The two opposing attitudes to war in the Aeneid' are personified in the characters of Aeneas and Turnus.Aeneas symbolises the traditional Roman ideal of virtue and piety which Augustus was trying to reinforce when the Aeneid' was being written.


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