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Those in Part 1 address the import and role of principles in the development of a just criminal law, with contributions focusing upon core tenets such as the presumption of innocence, fairness, accountability, the principles of criminal liability, and the grounds for defences.Part 2 addresses questions of human rights and due process protections in both domestic and international law.

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A defense attorney can become involved in a case before the person is investigated or arrested because everyone has the right to counsel at any time.

A magistrate judge’s function begins after the police file a criminal complaint and ends when the case proceeds to trial.

These components play different roles in the criminal justice system and can involve various offices and agencies.

The police protect individual’s property and life by enforcing the law and dedicating their time to reduce and prevent crime.

The final goal of the criminal justice system is rehabilitation which tries to reform a criminal by providing the skills and emotional strength to live without committing a crime.

The main components of the criminal justice system consist of the police, the courts and the corrections (Mutchnick, 2011).

Each stage involves the different components of the criminal justice system the police, the courts and corrections.

The first stage of investigation and arrest involve issuing a warrant to gather evidence to reconstruct the crime scene.

The purpose of deterrence is to prevent criminal behaviors through the fear of punishment and prosecution.

Retribution seeks to take revenge on a criminal by punishing them and making them pay for their crime.


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