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Mental illness, stigma, and substance abuse are major forms of deviance studied by sociologists, although deviance comprises many different forms of behavior.Sociological explanations of mental illness focus on the social context in which mental illness develops and is treated.

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Psychopaths and sociopaths are often able to manage their condition and pass as “normal” citizens, although their capacity for manipulation and cruelty can have devastating consequences for people around them.

The term psychopathy is often used to emphasize that the source of the disorder is internal, based on psychological, biological, or genetic factors, whereas sociopathy is used to emphasize predominant social factors in the disorder: the social or familial sources of its development and the inability to be social or abide by societal rules (Hare 1999).

Sociologists study the conditions, including race, class, and gender inequality, that pro- duce crime and shape how different groups are treated by the criminal justice system, such as showing group differences in sentencing.

In general, crime rates for a variety of crimes are higher among minorities than among Whites, among poorer persons than among middle or upper class persons, and among men than among women.

Conflict theory explains deviance and crime as a consequence of unequal power relationships and inequality in society.

Symbolic interaction theory explains deviance and crime as the result of meanings people give to various behaviors.What theory of deviance is guiding Hank’s research?An attorney, pleading leniency for his guilty client, asks the judge to take into consideration his client’s unfortunate background, including child abuse and abandonment, before passing sentence.Deviance is behavior that violates norms and rules of society, and crime is a type of deviant behavior that violates the formal criminal law.Criminology is the study of crime from a scientific perspective.According to Merton’s theory, her behavior is an example of…Discuss how members of a military unit could openly bring themselves to commit murder against some individuals and not feel any sense of deviance or criminal wrongdoing for the act.Sociologists emphasize the total social context in which deviance occurs.Sociologists see deviance more as the result of group and institutional, not individual, behavior.Thus, crimes are clearly not just the acts of a crazed individual or small group of individuals, but the result of structural and cultural conditions., which is a condition involving a debilitating break with reality.


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