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We here at Capitalize My Title love writing so we’ve scoured the Internet to find the best writing tools to make our job easier and more efficient.

Below you can find our favorite 12 writing tools that we use almost everyday to create great content for you all.

Great tool when you don’t feel like writing in Microsoft Word or Google Docs anymore.

Buzz Sumo is a great tool for content marketers in particular because it shows you the top trending topics on the Internet and allows you to easily connect with Influencers.

There are a lot of websites out there now that play ambient sounds.

Rainy Mood and Hipster Sound are two of our favorites that play rain and cafe sounds respectively.

You can create unlimited “Boards” and then create “Lists” with cards for tasks such as content topics.

For each of my blogs, I have a list of articles I want to write in a “Backlog” list organized by priority.

I have never paid for the Premium version and enjoy the benefits of the free version all the same.

If you’re writing a manuscript, Scrivener makes it extremely easy to organize sections of your manuscript so you can quickly add and edit sections as you have inspiration.


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