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Another friend, Tracy Clark, introduced me to Indie Author Survival Guide by Susan Kaye Quinn. Lots of the time, when you read about someone’s success, they’ve done something or had something happen to them that just isn’t reproducible by the average writer. It was assigned to me by my MFA mentor and I’m so glad. They help me to take a deeper dive into my characters, into my story, and into the reasons why I’m writing it.

One more time: if you want to be a novelist, you need to know how to sell books, regardless of the mode with which you publish your work. This book is definitely one you’ll want to own, because you’ll be coming back to it again and again as you write.“Ultimately you write alone.

And ultimately you and you alone can judge your work.

The judgment that a work is complete — this is what I meant to do, and I stand by it — can come only from the writer, and it can be made rightly only by a writer who’s learned to read her own work.

Nothing is more important to your reading life than actually going to the narratives of great writers.

But said great writers also have some great advice.

My free course The Plotting Workshop is based on The Writer’s Journey. I’ve been having so much fun with The Creative Tarot and my set of Rider Tarot Deck. Every time I read his newsletter or pick up one of his books, it’s like a booster shot of creative inspiration.

But her unique way of imbibing the advice with her life experience and reading makes her delivery unique.

I’ll never forget the section that’s dedicated to coincidence—an aspect of craft that I’ve never heard anyone attempt.

Basically, coincidence is great, but you shouldn’t let your plot hinge on it. I’d say there are two things to take from this example: first, it’s quite possible for a fiction writer to have excellent aptitude for creative nonfiction.


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