Creative Writing Curriculum For High School

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Complex activities involving a variety of activities and steps deeply engage students in topics resulting in meaningful exchanges with peers and adults about important issues.Students gain practical experience in speaking and listening.They learn the value of careful preparation and organization of ideas, the importance of good listening skills, the intentional use of nonverbal communication, and the importance of all types of communication in human relationships.Creative Writing is a 20-week elective that provides students the opportunity to become better writers through creative self-expression, reflection, and peer feedback.Students produce a journal of first draft writing, responses to writers studied, patterned writing exercises to develop the writing craft, and a manuscript of unstructured writing.Students learn how to recognize and appreciate successful cinematic choices and explain poor cinematic choices.They use film language as they explore the discourse of film discussing the business and the art of film.Film Study is a 20-week elective in which students learn and apply critical strategies for the appreciation and interpretation of the art of film.They recognize and interpret what they subconsciously see and hear while viewing films as they investigate how and why filmmakers do what they do.Students participate in weekly class workshops designed to generate honest responses and helpful criticism.They learn how to package and submit their work for publication outside of school.


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