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wiki How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Another idea is to stitch something into it, like a butterfly or whatever design you might like.To create this article, 81 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.

Don't worry — with a little creativity, you can turn a perfectly plain binder into something that's cooler than anything you can buy in the store. " You can take a needle and carve cool drawings in the leather, or you can even draw a picture and tape it on front.

Can't afford that amazing rainbow binder you have had your eyes on?

The inclusion of the words ‘through hell’ in the skull adds in a nice contrast and breaks up the composition.

Elaborate and intricate wisps connect the scripty letters to one another in this piece.

This hand-lettered piece includes an illustration of a skull and arrows as the center focal point.

The skull is incorporated really nicely, and the curves of the lettering mimics the curves of the skull.Different cities and elements are depicted, and it the hand-lettering adds a unique character that may be felt in the Islands.This example is unique, because it isn’t all simply illustrated type.Essentially, hand-lettering is the illustration of letters that come together to create a single, unified piece.If you were to take each letter out separately to create an alphabet, it would be quite the mismash.It isn’t overwhelmed with color, and there is just the right amount of ornamentation.The texture within the letters is subtle, yet greatly needed.The illustration is portrayed quite literally, as you can see different characteristics of Dublin written and drawn in different areas of the heart.Setting up the composition this way makes it feel unified and actually serve a purpose. At first glance, this hand-lettering can look a little flat.It’s beautiful, sure, with all of the thick curves and waves of the letters.But what sets it apart is the incredibly subtle dimension tucked into some of the letters.


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