Creative Ways To Start A Narrative Essay

A narrative paper is a writing assignment which involves telling a story of student’s life that has a connection with class themes.

This kind of task can be assigned both to school and college students.

A narrative essay challenges creative skills of the writer. It could relate to personal experience and highlight your beliefs, feelings, fears, thoughts or present emotionless, accurate, objective narrative of a historical event or scientific experiment.

A student has to provide an inventive, extraordinary, and sometimes provocative writing narration describing important life-situations. Traditionally, narration essays can be written in first person (“I”) or third person (“they”).

As a writer, it’s up to you to define narrative and choose whether you are the main character relating everything from your point of view or a precise reporter of events. As well as a researched argument essay should contain a thesis statement somewhere in the first paragraph of the essay, a narrative essay needs a theme statement to explain the main idea of the story.

While writing a narrative essay, you shouldn’t forget about one of the essential components of the successful writing – the outline. Effective academic narrative writing has four important features: Typically, a good narrative essay is based on introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. The second paragraph of the narrative essay is the body paragraph.

I thought this would help me to find myself, and to improve my writing skills. That is why the writer should choose a story which reflects a particular issue, conflict, theme, or concept.

I always wanted to become a writer, so this opportunity was priceless. That man didn’t get his sandwich in time, just because I had too many orders, so he fired me. Despite the fact, that the job wasn’t successful, I was ready to learn such a lesson.

The final paragraph of the narrative essay sums up the entire story, by rephrasing the main topic. Also, do not forget about the audience you are addressing to.

Think about the amount of background information or definitions you need to supply so readers can appreciate the significance of your narrative. When I got a summer intern job working for a local magazine called “Bon Soir,” I could not believe my luck.


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