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Developing your own unique writing style develops over time.“Writing and reading are the only ways to find your voice.If you have the habit of using trite and threadbare phrases, then teach yourself to think in words, not in lines, until you can rely on your subconscious sense to discriminate faithfully.

Developing your own unique writing style develops over time.“Writing and reading are the only ways to find your voice.

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At first you tend to overwrite—embellishment instead of insight.

You either continue to write puerile bilge, or you change.

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These four innate qualities reveal the relationship between the writer and the way he or she writes.

The quality of “aestheticism” is the personal imprint which a writer unavoidably brands on his or her stories.

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If our words trigger the right pictures and emotions in the readers’ minds , we then know that we have strung our words together in the most ideal way—that is, we have placed the proper words in their proper places.

An aspiring writer may believe that a good writing style only involves: 1) a topic or theme to write about; and 2) a good vocabulary and a firm grasp of grammar to communicate the topic or theme.


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