Crash The Movie Term Paper

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As she fires her last shot, she shoots out a window in the basement, which transforms the scene from total darkness to total light.

This is symbolic of the obvious good overcoming evil, but also Clarice’s triumph over her struggles, both personal and professional.

Also, the color red is used subtly throughout the entire film as a precursor to some upcoming horrific event.

Visually, as a whole, the film is quite a dark production.

The viewers are fully aware now that this photograph is of the wrong guy.

The color red, being the most dominant color and already having a meaning of danger in the minds of viewers, is the perfect choice to raise tension and suspense throughout the film. In one of the last scenes, Clarice enters the house of the real “Buffalo Bill,” which begins the climax of tension and suspense in the film.

This eventually leads to the most gruesome scene of the entire film.

Lecter kills both of the police guards, skins one of them and hangs his skin in the cell and de-faces the other and uses that as a method of escape.

The light during this scene has a yellowish tint, signifying that this is a flashback, a look into the mind of a trouble young girl.

The death of her father and her mother a few years earlier, resulted in the sounds that haunt her to this day.


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