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) For even more ideas, check out these 31 cover letter examples of attention-grabbing intros.

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Let’s say you’re currently living in Atlanta, but you want to work in Portland.

End with one sentence explaining that you’re moving, such as “I am relocating to Portland in May and look forward to working in the city.” This line shows your reader you fully read the job description, and that location (or relocation) won’t be an issue. You should never say, “I know I’m not as qualified as other candidates, but…” However, you can say, “My background in [industry or profession], combined with my passion for your company and this role, would make me uniquely qualified to tackle [specific responsibility].” Ending on a strong note and highlighting why your unexpected experience is actually an asset will put the hiring manager’s mind at ease.

And while a half hour is a time investment, it’s absolutely worth it if it gets you the job.

(Which my friend did.) Related: 3 Cover Letter Tips for People Who Haven't Written One in Forever Wondering how to customize your own cover letter? In Your Salutation Most job seekers already know this, but just in case: You should always address your cover letter to a specific person. Plus, seeing “Dear John Doe” will impress the person reading it (even if he or she is not John Doe) much more than “To whom it may concern” will.

And if you don’t have the exact skill they’re looking for, use the closest example you have.

In Your Closing Most people use their closing paragraph to essentially say, “Thanks for reading, looking forward to hearing back.” But that’s a waste of valuable real estate!To find your second example, go back to the job description and highlight the three things they’re asking for that seem most important—as in, you couldn’t get hired if you didn’t have them.Maybe that’s familiarity with a niche field, or great writing abilities, or leadership talent.I would be thrilled to work at an organization where every employee—from an intern to the CEO—cares so much about the people they help.There’s no arguing that it takes longer to compose a custom cover letter for each application than just changing out the company names in a canned one.If the job posting doesn’t include a name, look up the company’s hiring manager. Search for the person in charge of the department to which you’re applying.If you’re still striking out, try these advanced techniques.(More on that here.) Alternatively, you can use your closing to reinforce your strong interest in the job.For example, you could write: Again, Travel Click’s focus on customer service has made a huge impression on me.I’d love to bring this dedication, along with my relevant skills and experience, to your award-winning company.If you’re having trouble with this section, look through the company’s site, social media profiles, employee Linked In accounts, and so on to focus in on the key reasons you want this job and would be good at it.


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