Cover Letter For Audiology Assistant

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After all, a well-crafted cover letter will help get you that all-important job interview.

It also provides a good opportunity to demonstrate your written communication skills.

Soon after my graduation I undertook an internship in the Life Map clinic, Austin, TX, where I practiced audiology, under the guidance of Dr. During my internship, I had the privilege to explore and implement the practice of audiology, under the doctor's supervision, which helped me in developing a clear understanding in the use of various testing devices, audiometers, and computer based systems to diagnose hearing related disorders.

I had also been involved in determining the course of treatment for several patients with spatial hearing loss, auditory imbalance, noise-induced hearing loss, inability to distinguish between sounds, and reduced amplification, while providing them with necessary rehabilitation for the treatment and cure of their disorders, with the help of implant amplification systems.

(To decide which to use, see email guidelines.) Cover letters accompany and introduce your resume.

The name "cover letter" originated because in hard copy it is placed on top of, and thus covers, your resume. Isn't it to get into the "yes" pile (and not the "no" or "maybe" piles) when the employer is sorting resumes to decide whom to interview?Be specific about the type of job you want to be considered for.This section shows the employer why you are interested in the role and/or organisation.An audiologist, having exposure to various testing and diagnosing strategies such as electro physiologic tests, otoacoustic emission measurements, hearing tests, tympanometry, videonystagmography etc, should successfully showcase his abilities in cover letter.You, as a practicing audiologist, should mention your familiarity with cochlear implants, psychophysics, sign language, neurology, audiometer, bone anchored hearing aid, otology, otolaryngology etc, in your cover letter, systematically placing them before your reader, to facilitate his/her ease of access to significant information pertaining to your profession.For ‘cold contact’ letters, say when you intend to make a follow-up call.Finish on a positive note and thank the employer for their time.A well-written cover letter is an important tool for getting into the "yes" pile.It's just good manners and appropriate business etiquette to include a cover letter with your resume.Please feel free to contact me anytime during the week, in order to discuss my application in detail.I sincerely await the opportunity to become a part of your renowned team and contribute to its efficiency and advancement.


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