Courses On Creative Writing In Mumbai

Adding to these it upgrade participants content on blog posts, social media, e-commerce, product reviews, descriptions, technical guides, manuals, press releases and newsletters.

Very informative, made us to think about possible scenarios, do’s and don’ts in the digital arena.

The experience with the workshop from start to finish was faultless.

With Faculties as experienced, willing to come down to your level & imparting their knowledge,sharing real time facts & figures, definitely puts you on course for next big thing.

I wish TBS luck in their endeavor to create digital personalities.

Trainer was very knowledgeable and was able to tailor the whole day to our individual needs of some major digital marketing techniques.

Needless to say, your expertise in digital was the massive guidance.At Mindsprings, creative writing is thought by a teacher and a text book writer – Usha Pandit.Her book “Writing with ease” has been called the Wren and Martin of writing, and is used widely by teachers of writing in schools.A) Yes, this is an international level certified course being delivered by Empanelled Domain Experts of Henry Harvin Education.These industry professionals having 10 years of experience with hands-on experience of the Digital Content writing and Content Strategy with different companies in the Industry.The importance of quality content cannot be ignored with the increasing digital hemisphere.A) It enhances the ability of sentence fluency, expressive vocabulary and simplistic structure so as to create a unique, fresh, informative and persuasive content.I would recommend this workshop to my colleagues, contacts as well.We were impressed with the training and dedication shown by TBS.The skill is in being able to see the issues immediately and knowing what to do with them. The ambiance in the class is related, enjoyable, lots of good humor, gentle encouragement and superb results.We want you to do 30 weeks through the year with us in order yo make sure children have sustained practice and their efforts are not half-baked. 20,000 plus GST of 18% for an entire academic year.


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