Course In Creative Writing

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To qualify for this certificate, you must complete the program within three years.

The College reserves the right to modify or cancel any course, program, fee, timetable, or campus location at any time.

General education courses and Beginning Workshops are open to all students via the standard pre-registration process.

Graduates may also pursue career paths within organizations where publishing, writing, editing and marketing support functions are required.

Fees for part-time programs are charged on a course-by-course basis and are published on each individual course page.

Students follow a step-by-step approach to producing a story suitable for publication.

The process of submission for publication, as well as the various opportunities for publication, are examined.

Students gain an understanding of the process of creative writing including theme, setting, plotting, characterization and the use of dialogue, enabling them to successfully discover their writer's voice and build confidence in their writing abilities.

Students become familiar with the tools necessary to appreciate literature critically by reviewing literary history and examining different genres.

Evidence of learning achievements for PLAR candidates may include a comprehensive challenge examination and/or completion of a portfolio.

Students learn the rules of English grammar in a comprehensive, easy-to-follow manner.


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