Couples Therapy Homework

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If these students were to be shown negative imagery hours before going to sleep, the brain would be able to subdue the distress response.However, going to bed immediately after arguing or experiencing trauma causes the brain to protect that emotion, keeping it fresh and clear in the mind.Thankfully there are many couples’ therapy exercises you can do at home to strengthen your relationship and build trust and communication.

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For this exercise, eliminate distractions such as television, video games, and smartphones for 10 minutes a day. Go back and forth telling each other the things you love and appreciate about them. This feel-good exercise creates positive thinking and boosts self-esteem.

Abstaining from technology and focusing on your partner is actually advocated by many marriage counselors among the relationship building activities for couples.

A trust fall is a trust-building exercise that may seem small but fosters large results.

We may have done it as a fun activity with friends but it can actually be a part of couples therapy at home.

Some of the best couples therapy exercises have to do with restructuring how you think and feel about your partner.

A great way to do this is with an appreciation list.

It sounds like an easy game, but it requires trust and blind faith in the blindfolded spouse that their partner will catch them.

This may cause the blindfolded partner to turn around, fearing that their partner will miss.

If you and your spouse are in distress, you should make nice before heading to bed.

Consider this and other activities that reduce conflict as couples communication exercises that will only make your terms of endearment better than before.


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