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His free and dreamy words were believed to be true by any hippie.

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, the one and only French peer-reviewed journal exclusively dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of popular music, seeks contributions for a special issue on music and counterculture.

Any scholarly essay on popular music and counterculture, with an eye to its link to the "central" period of the sixties and seventies, is welcome.

"Imagine there's no heaven/ It's easy if you try/ No hell below us/ Above us only sky/ Imagine all the people/ Living for today..." ..more.

Conclusion He imagines people sharing all the world, instead of just looking out for yourself.

Competition was not found inside a hippie because they did not believe in fighting for much of anything, although some did choose to protest against the Vietnam War. Middle The hippies were not a goal-orientated group of people.

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Since they didn't believe in worrying about the events the future would bestow on them, they didn't need to set goals.At this time, the listener is beginning to warm up to the song and its message, for "sharing all the world" sounds pretty inviting and intriguing."You may say I'm a dreamer/ But I'm not the only one/ I hope someday you'll join us/ And the world will be as one" (Lennon).To take a final example of the phenomenon's ambiguity, it was the era of the Summer of Love, of sexual freedom and so forth, but it also glorified its manly heterosexual singers and guitar heroes, while the female and homosexual figures were rare on stage., the editors seek submissions coming from the whole spectrum of social sciences, that will reflect upon the heterogeneity of this/these music(s), its ambiguity, scattered identity, its worldwide circulation, its origins, influence and legacy.How can we define, aesthetically, culturally, politically, historically and chronologically the music of the counterculture? "formal" characteristics (musical elements, style), ideology (militancy, lifestyles) or its nemeses (the system, the American values and cultural hierarchies, war, the State, capitalism)?These people, most commonly known as hippies, preached love and sought bliss (Mc Williams 65).The old ideas of religion, philosophy, competition, materialism, and education were out the window, for new and more simple ideas such as peace, love, altruism, and honesty were the central concerns of the hippies.The new ideas for the counter culture movement surprised and frightened American society.Imagine, by John Lennon is a song that illustrates the ideas and values of the counter culture movement.New artists preached these new ideas in their work, making the transition even more appealing to the people.The music, the people, and the new dreams forever changed the people of America and influenced them to seek out their own future and to never settle for what you're supposed to settle for.


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