Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment

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It aid to value for people that generate positive attitude of customers towards retail companies (Simmons and et. The retail sector of UK employs large number of people which facilitates to increase overall rate of return.

These corporations take appropriate actions to address issues of society.

CSR activities tend to put an impact on performance of business in both positive and negative manner that increases concern of management.

Owing to this, present research in done to ensure sustainable development of companies by the help of investing in CSR activities.

Present dissertation is based on understanding Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable development in retail industry of UK (Evans and Lindsay, 2005).

It mainly focuses on the CSR activities for the sustainable development of the retail corporations.Sustainable development of any organization depend on its capability to satisfy need of stakeholders and for the sake of the same, companies act in the direction of growth by addressing issues of general communities in an effectual manner.This way organization can secure its position in the marketplace.Corporate social responsibility has been considered as the most important function in today's organizations.Generally organization that act in way tend to perceive positively by customers (Andersen and Skjoett-Larsen, 2009).With this, risk can be minimized and productivity can be enhanced to a great extent.In addition to this organizations take several measures for well being of society as well as all stakeholders.Furthermore, corporate social responsibilities are fulfilled by retail corporations in the light of customer awareness, competitive environment and rate of return.It assists management to deliver good quality of services and also retain customers for longer span of time.Apart from this, appropriate strategies are adopted by the retail companies for ensuring sustainable development.With this, companies can be able to create goodwill and ensure its long run survival in the marketplace (Maon, Lindgreen and Swaen, 2009).


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