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As a community, Shambhala embraces a variety of contemplative arts and practices.These disciplines are inspired by Nalanda, an eleventh-century Indian university that welcomed teachings from many different traditions.

As a community, Shambhala embraces a variety of contemplative arts and practices.

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Kyudo is a form of meditation practice, not sport, and hitting the target is not considered important.

The purpose of kyudo is to purify one’s heart and mind to awaken the natural dignity of being human, beyond the obstacles of ambition, aggression or confusion.

Once we have a moment of fresh perception, vivid and clear, there is a natural desire to communicate that experience.

Through visual exercises and photographic assignments, Miksang is designed to allow the eye and the mind to be naturally synchronized, so that the experience of seeing could be undistracted and present.

Therefore he designed the Mudra exercises so that Western students, living under the pressures of performance and every day life, can meet these challenges with mind, speech and body.

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With practice, Mudra training will dramatically heighten sensitivity to the interplay of form and space and provide authentic tools for improved awareness and communication.Click here to view Miksang photographs by Chögyam and of the wishes of The Vidyadhara Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche was to create a new school of Ikebana, in which the Shambhala and Buddhist dharma were transparently revealed and accessible to everyone.In 2003 The Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche gave his blessings for Shambhala Kado to be established in the culture and arts of Shambhala.Read more about Maitri Kyudo means the way of the bow and can be described as a form of standing meditation.Under the direction of Shibata Kanjuro, Sensei and senior instructors, students learn an ancient form of archery using traditional Japanese bows.Many Shambhala Centres offer arts programs or host special interest groups who meet regularly to explore contemplative approaches to education, business and health care.The following are some of the disciplines practiced by Shambhala members.The school began with Marcia Wang Shibata, who continues teaching and expanding the school, along with some of her close students, many of who are Kado Instructor trainees.The word Kado is Chinese, meaning “Way or Path of Flowers,” and is utilized to claim the Chinese cultural origin and lineage of the contemplative art and practice.This discovery becomes a basis for living one’s life more fully, skillfully understanding and relating with others, and establishing a dynamic and healthy relationship with one’s work, home and natural environments.The Maitri Space Awareness and Five Wisdom Energies practice are practiced in weekend programs at Shambhala centres or in intensive retreats at Shambhala residential centres.


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