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Robert Hunter, a British merchant, “discovered” the twins and paid their family to allow the boys to be exhibited as a curiosity during a world tour.The men toured the world to give demonstrations and lectures, and they were among P. Barnum’s “curiosities” that included Tom Thumb, Native American dancers, giants, and albinos.

Robert Hunter, a British merchant, “discovered” the twins and paid their family to allow the boys to be exhibited as a curiosity during a world tour.The men toured the world to give demonstrations and lectures, and they were among P. Barnum’s “curiosities” that included Tom Thumb, Native American dancers, giants, and albinos.

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The criticism that TLC isn’t doing enough to educate its viewers is a weak one, because, if you really wanted to explore the world of science, you wouldn’t rely on the folks who brought you A Wedding Story to do it.

Anyway, look at all you’ve learned about conjoined twins so far today.” (full article at: The article also asks and answers: “What happens if one of the girls doesn’t want to have sex with a man but the other one does — is that rape?

It is unclear whether or not the Bunker twins were presented as and appreciated as actual people with feelings and lives, or if they were simply curiosities.

While many people might be attracted to TLC’s Abby and Brittany initially because of their condition, if one watches the show they will get an education about the girls, their lives, and their daily experiences. In my research, I recently came across an article that is really informative to this discussion.

Would the Bunkers have a television show on TLC, or would the Hensel twins take part in traveling sideshows?

One similarity between the two sets of twins is their fame (sought after or not), due to their “differences”.What if one had graduated high school but the other had failed all her classes? – but seriously, please don’t call conjoined twins this [racist]).Rather than being conjoined to the degree that Abby and Brittany are, the Bunkers were connected only by a narrow band of flesh at chest-level.The “interesting” part of their condition is that they each have a separate head, but their bodies are joined. How do intimate relationships work when there’s no privacy? Fortunately, the show does a lot of answering of these questions through interviews with friends and the girls themselves.To some, without closer investigation, this almost makes it appear that they are “a two-headed girl.” When Abigail and I saw the promo for this show, we knew immediately that we would HAVE to watch it. TLC’s website really only provides videos and images from the show, and not much real outside information about the women.[1] Gawker published a very informative article about the girls.[2] One quote in particular is very relevant: “So basically the show exists so we can oggle these girls in private?After a successful career of traveling, the men settled in North Carolina, bought a farm, and married sisters Adelaide and Sarah Yates.To answer the question, YES the men did have children: 21 between them.Perhaps the most famous pair of conjoined twins were Chang and Eng Bunker (1811-1874), Chinese brothers born in Siam, now Thailand. Chang and Eng were joined by a band of cartilage at the chest (xiphopagus).In modern times, they could have been separated easily.What if one of them is sleepy and the other one is wide awake? But now you’ve uncovered the real fun of Abby & Brittany: coming up with an endless list of questions you will never ask them in real life, because it would be rude.”[3] Another set of conjoined twins that I have studied helped to inform many of these questions and provide more.Since they have two stomachs but one bladder do they have to pee all the time? Chang and Eng Bunker were born in 1811 in Siam (get it – Siamese twins?


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