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Winning essays will be forwarded to the next level of competition.

Her parents, Antonio and Amata Lotti, considered her birth a very special gift from God, for Rita was born to them as they were already advancing in age.

As a young girl Rita frequently visited the convent of the Augustinian Nuns in Cascia and dreamed of one day joining their community.

The young couple was joined in marriage and soon twin boys were born to them.

Rita found herself occupied with the typical concerns of a wife, mother, and homemaker of Roccaporena, while Paolo was employed as a watchman for the town.

I believe that Joseph was the reason for the “increased wisdom and stature” or Jesus.

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Saint Joseph treated Jesus as his own son and cared for him like a good father would.It is also assumed that Joseph might have taught carpentry to Jesus.Joseph was a man of faith, Joseph has a few cities named after him; the most popular are San José in California and also in Costa Rica.Saint Joseph was the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus.Although he was a humble person, Joseph came from a royal lineage. Saint Matthew said that Joseph was the son of Jacob, but Saint Luke said he was the son of Heli. Joseph did decide to divorce Mary, but did so quietly because he knew that Mary would be stoned if he had done it publicly.He kept Jesus away from Herod after the angel came to Joseph in a dream and followed all the commands in order to keep Jesus safe.I chose Saint Joseph for this project because of his huge role in Jesus’ life as his foster father and taking care of him as a child.Saint Joseph There is no certain date when Saint Joseph was born, but he was said to be born around 100 BC.Saint Joseph is one of the three people in the Holy Family, also including Mary and Jesus.We also celebrate two feast days for Saint Joseph: March 19 for Saint Joseph, the husband of Mary, and May 1 for Saint Joseph, the worker.Saint Joseph connects to the life and mission of Jesus Christ as Jesus’ foster father.


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