Concluding Literary Analysis Essay

Identify the speaker, context and their connection to your essay.

At the end of the paragraph, include the thesis statement that illustrates the main idea of the whole essay.

The first element, the rephrasing of the thesis statement, is to remind readers about the topic discussed in the essay.

It usually breaks the thesis statement into three parts, and put it in two or three sentences.

This is a policy that worked in the past and can work today.

A wise teacher, with the support of his parents, gave our son the opportunity to succeed—or fail.

It would mean facing the tough reality that passing kids who haven’t learned the material—while it might save them grief for the short term—dooms them to long-term illiteracy.

It would mean that teachers would have to follow through on their threats, and parents would have to stand behind them, knowing their children’s best interests are indeed at stake.

He has also stated major points of his essay in the middle of the conclusion after restatement of the thesis.“Flunking as a regular policy has just as much merit today as it did two generations ago.

We must review the threat of flunking and see it as it really is—a positive teaching tool.


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