Computer Technology Article 2014

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I’ve been harassed, I’ve had people make suggestive comments to me, I’ve had people basically dismiss my expertise.

I’ve gotten rape and death threats just for speaking out about this stuff.”She added: “A lot of times that makes me want to leave. Shevinsky was introduced to engineering culture at Williams College, she got no hint of sexism. When she had a new business idea — a kind of Snapchat for adults that prevents people from taking screen shots of private pictures — she sought out his advice.

For one, the products that the tech industry creates are shaping the future for everyone. “If we do that, there’s no question we’ll more than double the rate of technology output in the world,” Larry Page, the chief executive of Google, said last spring.

“Women are increasingly consumers; they’re not going to like products that don’t work for them,” said Londa Schiebinger, a Stanford professor who runs the Gendered Innovations project, which encourages engineers and scientists to consider gender when developing new products. Yet at Google, less than a fifth of the engineers are women.

“Titstare is an app where you take photos of yourself staring at tits,” Mr. If ever there was proof that the tech industry needed more women, she thought, this was it. Shevinsky, 35, wasn’t the only one who was disgusted by the presentation. She joined in, writing a blog-post manifesto: “I thought that we didn’t need more women in tech. The next day, Pax Dickinson, who was her business partner in a start-up called Glimpse Labs, as well as the chief technology officer of the news site Business Insider, took to Twitter to defend the Titstare pair against accusations of misogyny. Women who enter fields dominated by men often feel this way. But then something happens — a slight or a major offense — and they suddenly feel like outsiders.

Boulton began, as photographs of women’s chests on a cellphone flashed on the screen behind him. Batts concluded, “This is the breast hack ever.”The crowd — overwhelmingly young, white, hoodie-wearing men — guffawed. “It is not misogyny to tell a sexist joke, or to fail to take a woman seriously, or to enjoy boobies,” he wrote. The question for newcomers to a field has always been when to play along and when to push back.

She said the people who mistreated her included a founder of the company.

Chris Wanstrath, Git Hub’s chief executive and another co-founder, apologized to Ms.

A culprit, many people in the field say, is a sexist, alpha-male culture that can make women and other people who don’t fit the mold feel unwelcome, demeaned or even endangered.“It’s a thousand tiny paper cuts,” is how Ashe Dryden, a programmer who now consults on increasing diversity in technology, described working in tech.

“I’ve been a programmer for 13 years, and I’ve always been one of the only women and queer people in the room.


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