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Ababneh PDF Stochastic Modeling of RNA Polymerase Predicts Transcription Factor Activity, Joseph Gaspare Azofeifa PDF Predicting RNA Binding Proteins Using Discriminative Methods, Shweta Bhandare PDF Abstract Meaning Representation Parsing with Rich Linguistic Features, Wei-Te Chen PDF Methods for Improving Motion Planning Using Experience, David Thornton Coleman IV PDF Ratchet Mechanisms in Macroevolutionary Processes, Trevor J.Di Martino PDF Optimizing Computations and Allocations on High Performance and Cloud Computing Systems, Dmitry Duplyakin PDF Optimizing Computations and Allocations on High Performance and Cloud Computing Systems, Dmitry Duplyakin PDF Natural Language Understanding: Deep Learning for Abstract Meaning Representation, William Roger Foland Jr.

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”: An Investigation into the Impact of Text Length on Short-Text Classification Accuracy, Austin Mc Cartney PDF Investigation into the Application of Personality Insights and Language Tone Analysis in Spam Classification, Colm Mc Getrick PDF Towards improving Vi SQOL (Virtual Speech Quality Objective Listener) Using Machine Learning Techniques, Joseph Mc Nally PDF The Use of Persistent Explorer Artificial Ants to Solve the Car Sequencing Problem, Kieran O'Sullivan PDF The Influence of Sensor-Based Intelligent Traffic Light Control On Traffic Flow In Dublin, Katja Rademacher PDF An investigation of the correlation between Mental Workload and Web User’s Interaction, Joaquim Filipe Romero PDF An Investigation of the Correlation Between Mental Workload and Web User’s Interaction, Joaquim Filipe Romero PDF Application of Supervised Machine Learning to Predict the Mortality Risk in Elderly Using Biomarkers, Priyanka Sonkar PDF Modeling Mortgage Assessment with Computational Argumentation Theory and Defeasible Reasoning, Henrik Szucs PDF Physical Human Activity Recognition Using Machine Learning Algorithms, Haritha Vellampalli PDF The Evaluation of Ensemble Sentiment Classification Approach on Airline Services Using Twitter, Zechen Wang PDF How Do Teachers and Students Perceive The Utility of Blackboard as a Distance Learning Platform?

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PDF Towards Temporal Semantic Scene Understanding, Mahsa Ghafarianzadeh PDF Incremental Prediction and Decision-Making for Simultaneous Machine Translation, Alvin Castillo Grissom II PDF Comparative, Population-Level Analysis of Social Networks in Organizations, Abigail Z.

Beckage PDF Deductive Verification of Infinite-State Stochastic Systems Using Martingales, Aleksandar Nevenov Chakarov PDF Computational Methodologies for Understanding the Dynamics of an Online Community of Educators, Ogheneovo Dibie PDF Correcting Writing Errors with Convolutional Neural Networks, Nicholas A.

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The Impact of Temporal Features in Music Genre Recognition, Víctor Santiago González PDF Predicting Customer Retention of an App-Based Business Using Supervised Machine Learning, Jeswin Jose PDF Investigation into the Perceptually Informed Data for Environmental Sound Recognition, Chenglin Kang PDF Analyzing Twitter Feeds to Facilitate Crises Informatics and Disaster Response During Mass Emergencies, Arshdeep Kaur PDF Hierarchical Cluster Analysis: A New Type of Ranking Criteria Based on ARWU Ranking Data, Zhengshuo Li PDF Augmenting American Fuzzy Lop to Increase the Speed of Bug Detection, Raviraj Mahajan PDF Comparing Procedural Content Generation Algorithms for Creating Levels in Video Games, Zina Monaghan PDF An Automated Negotiation System for e Commerce Store Owners to Enable Flexible Product Pricing, Jake O'Halloran PDF An Evaluation Of Learning Employing Natural Language Processing And Cognitive Load Assessment, Mrunal Tipari PDF An Investigation of Three Subjective Rating Scales of Mental Workload in Third Level Education, Nha Vu Thanh Nguyen PDF Using Supervised Learning to Predict English Premier League Match Results From Starting Line-up Player Data, Runzuo Yang PDF From Business Understanding to Deployment: An application of Machine Learning Algorithms to Forecast Customer Visits per Hour to a Fast-Casual Restaurant in Dublin, Odunayo David Adedeji PDF Using Machine Learning Techniques to Predict a Risk Score for New Members of a Chit Fund Group, Sinead Aherne PDF Augmented Reality as a Potential Tool for Filmmaking, Paul Blachfield PDF Can Machine Learning beat Physics at Modeling Car Crashes?


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