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But then, when the movie finally comes out, the part you like isn’t even filmed!Like in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, there was one part that always made me laugh.

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He was never a part of their team and he did not steal any bacon from Francois.

In the movie, Buck started out going to John Thornton’s team, stolen by Black Burtons bandits, claimed by a dog auctioneer, sold to Hal and his crew, brought across Johns Thornton’s camp and is returned to him.

The man in the red sweater takes Buck out of the cage and repeatedly beats him. Buck then takes the lead dog position and gains trust from his team.

He then does what he was determined to do and kills Spitz.

It was the part when the giant turns from stone to a living thing, and walks around looking for “the little witch that was running around on the ground”.

I really wanted to see that part in the movie, but when the movie finally came out, that part of the book was not even in the movie, and you don’t even see the giant change back to a living thing at all.

In some movies they can’t even make swords look real, not to mention a girl with dragon wings.

It is definitely possible, but it’s easier to describe it. With a movie, you don’t have to read anything, you can watch a movie while doing homework if you wanted to.

I bet that this has happened to a lot of people and that they were all disappointed.

Writing a book is a lot easier than making a movie.


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