Compare And Contrast Innovation Design And Creativity Essay

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That’s because combining ideas no longer takes any particular skill.

  Like searching domains, the process has become so completely automated that it ceases to be associated with personal expression.

  By thoroughly examining their domain, they become aware of a variety of techniques, alternative approaches and different philosophies.

  The larger the creative toolbox, the greater the possibility for creative excellence.

  Devoid of toil and labor, it requires negligible specific intent.

, outstanding creative work is tightly linked to prolific output.

Domains are no longer hidden behind barriers of circumstance or tradition, but are accessible to anyone with a search engine.

And it is not just information that has become accessible, but personal contact.

I recently wrote a post about how marketers will need to learn to rely less on judgment and intuition in the era of big data.

  It’s a controversial subject, especially since many marketers pride themselves, in fact have built their careers, on having a reputation for instinct. Technology does not quell creativity, in fact, there’s a great deal of evidence that suggests that technology enhances creativity.


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