Comparative Essay Writing

Arguments are needed to highlight any comparison or contrasting points. Firstly, the writer can compare one object against the other.

This technique is mainly used where the two objects, concepts or ideas are similar in type.

Students should decide what similarities and differences are the most significant.

It is recommended to start discussion from the less significant differences and similarities and then discuss the most significant ones.

They do not know how to compare two thongs and avoid mistakes.

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First of all, students should be ready identifying the major similarities and /or differences between the things, persons or events that will be described in the paper.

It is recommended to write two lists: the list of differences and the list of similarities on the separate draft paper in order to organize ideas in a proper way.

The main emphasis should be placed in the essay’s body.

After that, it is crucial to keep your writing simple and it is a good idea to make the introductory paragraph as brief as you can.


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