Communism Essay

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Jacques Rancière finds in human rights a good example of the radical politics he espouses.

An embarrassed flirtation between the left and rights has been renewed in a direction which combines the defence of universalism with the rejection of human rights ideology.

In standard usage, in fact, communism has come to mean its opposite, that is, total state control of economic and social life.

We could abandon these terms and invent new ones, of course, but we would leave behind too the long history of struggles, dreams and aspirations that are tied to them.

Thanks, I'll take a pass on communism, even after reading all 3,000 words of Dean Dettloff's "The Catholic Case for Communism" as well as another 800 words from editor Matt Malone, S.

J., that attempts to justify the appearance of the essay in a nominally Catholic publication.

Malone has simply lifted the tent's skirt to allow the camel of communism to enter freely.

Bob Diamond, Chief Executive of Barclays recently spoke of how "the time for remorse and apology for banks now needs to be over," mostly to a reaction of disbelief.

More than ever they are being looked at to offer an alternative to capitalist realismthe elites are ferociously re-reading Marx in an attempt to understand the crisis and Fukuyama's idea of the valiant capitalist triumphant at the "end of history" is continually derided.

It is within this context that when lecturers at Birkbeck College in 2008 began to organise a conference on 'their estimates of 200 academic attendees were soon having to be drastically re-considered as they became inundated with registrations, eventually seeing over 1,200 people spilling over into rooms with live-video feed.


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