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Updates to the property will primarily be cosmetic to bring the property to current market standards. provides clean, quality homes in growing markets to well qualified tenants. Supplemental income will include: Forfeited Deposits Bounced Check fees (NSF) Late charges Damage and Cleaning Charges Application fees Pet Charges Lease Termination charges There are seven rental income properties within a 1 mile radius of the subject along with several multifamily apartment units.

Linda Rogers, a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, is a math teacher at Franklin Elementary School. have been interested in finding a means to supplement their income.

When Linda’s mother passed away earlier this year, the couple received approximately $100,000 in inheritance and they decided to use this windfall to purchase and manage investment income properties.

Rents per square foot range from a high of $1.11 to a low of $0.83 per square foot (“PSF”).

The average market rent PSF in the Franklin market is $1.01.

Linda Rogers is a math teacher at Franklin Elementary.

Both owners have access to additional sources of revenue to supplement expenses associated with the investment property.The following business plan will provide a history of Real Estate Ventures, Inc., its current and future plans, and its ability to repay this financial obligation.Real Estate Ventures, Inc.’s goal is to invest in quality – both in its properties and in its tenants.At Real Estate Ventures, Inc., the owners are extremely devoted to their business and their commitment to the long term can be seen in their extreme dedication to both their properties and their meticulous selection process of finding long term tenants. Steve and Linda Rogers are lifelong residents of Franklin, Tennessee.Steve has an established business and has owned his paint business known as Pro Star Paint for 15 years. Steve and Linda Rogers, the owners of Real Estate Ventures, Inc.The house is in need of some cosmetic updates to bring the property to current rental market standards and is primarily comprised of new carpet, paint, and laminate tile.The couple plans to subcontract the project and have build-out and completion within 30 days and the tenant taking occupancy thereafter.The property is located in the Franklin City Elementary School District.The property is clean and well maintained by the original owner.The house is a wonderful opportunity for the teacher to launch a fresh start and the location is 5 minutes to the school where she teaches with Linda. The Red Mill Estates neighborhood has lush landscaping, larger than average lots and is primarily owner occupied.The tenant has passed the credit and rigorous background checks and her references have all checked out. The surrounding neighborhoods are middle class suburbs with five grocery stores within a 5 mile radius, various restaurants, and shopping malls 3 miles away near the easily accessible I-65.


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